I would like to give you an update and also tell you of an opportunity I have in a few weeks.

I am a student at Liberty University and love it. This past summer a man I respect asked me what I was going to do with my life. I told him I did not know. He gave me some advice that turned my world around and helped me focus more. He said there were three important priorities for a young man. The three M’s are:

  • Master
  • Mission
  • Mate

I believe I am in the right atmosphere to grow and be challenged for the future.

Since eighth grade I have traveled to other nations on outreach. However, the last three years in particular I have been part of mission outreaches in the Dominican Republic five times, and hope to return in the fall. But, the trip now is to the Amazon for another outreach. It happens two days after Liberty University is out and the turnaround will be fast.

Would you be willing to sponsor me in prayer and consider donating needed funds? The total needed is $3,000. I have a donor who said they would give me $1,000 if I raised the remaining $2,000 through support. I have to do it in the next few weeks. Would you help me?

You can give online here:

Thank you for your time. No matter your decision, please pray for me to finish well in college and be all He has purposed for my life. Also, our whole team needs prayers for the Amazon Outreach. We will be in villages deep in the Amazon region of Brazil this coming May 10-18 and ministering to the families. Twelve are going plus our leader. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

Thank you again.

Connor E. McWilliams

Make check to and mail to:
Generations Global
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