One of the biggest enemies to hope is disappointment. It keeps you imprisoned in a place where you may feel stuck. But, what if the door of the confined place was already unlocked? Hope will not only help you push on open doors that you overlooked, but it is the key to doors that may be truly locked, temporarily. Hope is the key for many reasons.

·      Hope drives you to be proactive as you ask, seek and knock. The goal is not opening every door in front of you but opening the right door customized for you.

·      Hope will open doors you once thought impossible.  Hope is patient to wait until the right time, helping you anticipate new treasures and potential you never imagined. Hope knows it is never too late.

·      Hope is the key for your peace when the doctor’s report is grave, or, the bank notice grim, or the divorce papers final, or your family crisis exploding. Hope is a stabilizing force in the storm and whispers, “Hold on to me.”

On a personal note, after gradually losing my eyesight while having our children, I weaved in and out of hopelessness. I had many a dark night, fearful of what my future would be. One day I asked myself what a Woman of Hope would do in my situation. Quickly it came to me. She would put her car keys back in her purse—and I did!

What can you put in your hand that engages you in hope?  May I suggest my newest book, Hope Sees.


I know hope to be the major key in my life as I live in expectant hope. In the meantime, hope has given me new vision to seize the moments while I wait for what I long for. Yes. Hope is the key and it’s yours for the asking.

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