Years ago, my dear friend, Joni Eareckson Tada, told me I must write a book and tell others what I see. Finally, the book is finished and Joni’s foreword included in my newest release, Hope Sees: Beyond Obstacles, Challenges and Disappointments. Have you signed up yet for your free gift chapter? 

I loved writing this book because of the variety of stories, funny and dramatic. Wait till you read about the day I was the driver in a Jeep through the sand dunes of New Mexico, or, the day I rented the Chicken Car to drive a friend to lunch to say thanks.  They never asked if I was blind so I did not tell them. One of my favorite chapters is “Ants.” Tony cannot read it without laughing aloud. But, the one story that makes me cry is the true story of a Holocaust survivor who had no hope of any future. She is still living at this writing. Her name is Garmaine and the impact of her story will never leave you. 

Garmaine and her sisters and mother were told they were moving to a work village but instead their destination the dreaded concentration camp—Auschwitz. After eight days packed into a cattle train car with no food or water, Garmaine was separated from her family. Later she would learn they had been taken to the gas chambers. Garmaine was chosen to be placed in Cell 10 where all were sterilized and tortured. Wait till you read her gripping tale of what occurred during a bombing raid and the gift of hope given to her.

I know everyone needs a word of hope in this strategic hour in our world. Be one of the first to receive your beautiful gift book designed with you in mind. Remember others who might need some hope too.

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May hope fill your day!