Gail McWilliams is a seasoned speaker, author, and national radio host. She has a gripping story of hope in the middle of crisis. Gail and her husband, Tony, have five children the doctors said they would never have. In the course of having children, she gradually lost her eyesight. Though her eyesight is impaired, her vision is keen and her life-message perfect for any life-affirming event. Gail is humorous, challenging, and nnforgettable. Gail understands personally that life is costly and says, “What we must have is a vision for generations yet to come.”

  • Gail radiates a contagious passion for life
  • Gail energizes the audience with a fresh life-affirming perspective
  • Gail captures and lifts the spirits of people from all walks of life

Benefits you receive when booking Gail:

  • Receive fresh inspiration for the enduring value of life
  • See how you are strategically positioned to make a difference for life in this vital hour.
  • Enjoy a presentation from a resilient visionary who inspires action

Gail is an experienced, fundraising keynote speaker. Her vivacious personality, effervescent humor, and uncanny capacity to deliver her life-message are met with broad and energetic approval. To date she has spoken at 70 life-affirming events in 35 states. She believes strongly that efforts for life must succeed in this critical hour.




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“Gail McWilliams will knock your socks off!”
Governer Rick Perry, Texas
“Our staff was tremendously encouraged and very impressed… Her message is clear, profound and so understandable… I was personally encouraged…”
Zig Ziglar
“Having Mrs. McWilliams share her story and nuggets of wisdom is truly priceless. Gail engaged us in a “talk with you and not at you” leadership mode.”
Rodney K. Marshall, T & E Investments



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