Gail McWilliams was raised in the Midwest and moved to Texas in 2000. She has been married to her husband, Tony McWilliams, for over 37 years and they enjoy five children the doctors said they would never have, four daughters and a son. In the course of having children, Gail gradually lost her eyesight. This has become the backdrop to her life message of vision that sees no limits. She has an instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people everywhere and empower others to reach toward their dreams and purpose they once thought impossible.

Beyond Gail’s story of courage and inspiration are her humorous ways and real-life stories that help you see life from a new perspective. She often states that most live life based only on what they see, but she is confident there is more. Her ability to customize her message to complement any host organization and paint unforgettable pictures with words of hope and vision help audiences see a new view of life. Her achievements, outlook, and determination energize listeners and challenge them to live life at higher levels. Recently she was asked to describe herself and she quipped, “I am a visionary who inspires action.” Her ability to engage audiences while they laugh and cry is proof over and again that she captures hearts and leaves them wanting more.

During an interview Gail was asked how she evolved from the tragic story of a mother coping with blindness to an international speaker. She said, “It really started when I was a young girl during late night hours. After I would use every stall tactic to delay the bedtime hour, my parents would escort me to my room and tuck me in. When my lights were turned off and the door was closed, I would stand up on my mattress with my hairbrush in my hand to use as a makeshift microphone and pretend to travel all around the world with Bob Hope, entertaining the troops.” Gail says she lives the dream as her platform continues to expand with a real microphone always in her hand. Her audiences are “troops” on the frontlines of life who need a word of encouragement. With a grin on her face, Gail says she still travels with hope, because hope always sees.

Gail is a speaker, author and national radio host and has also been a television co-host, recording artist, teacher, and life coach. She loves people and her passion is leaders. She lives in Texas with her husband, children and grandchildren.