• Gail just recently delivered a TEDx talk. It should be available at soon.
  • Gail spoke to the entire staff of the Meade County School District in Kentucky. A local corporation arranged for each employee to get Gail’s book, Stuck of Positioned; It’s Your Choice
  • Gail recently spoke to Executive Women International in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Gail has been asked to be a regular contributor for a Global Magazine out of Australia called Mici.
  • New family story video was released this year. Click here to view.
  • The entire interview that Gail had with Dennis Prager can be accessed in its entirety by clicking here.

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  • I have been without hope and considered if my life even had value, until I heard you speak. My eyes have been opened.
  • I have a new nine month old baby because of your message of courage and legacy.
  • Our life center raised the most money in its history. Now we can expand and purchase the equipmenet and resources needed for a medical center. You hit it out of the ballpark at TLC Options for Women’s ‘Generations for LIFE’ banquet! Everyone loved you!! You are inspiring and your joy is contagious!! God bless you and your great husband, Tony!!
  • When I heard your radio show I pulled by car in to a nearby parking lot to cry because I have been so discouraged until now.
  • I have been a CEO in top leadership and living on the 50-yard line. Your challenge today has made me decide I’m goint to live life differently.
  • I’ve been in politics and worked with the Georgia state legislature for years and never really listened when someone shared about the importance of choosing life. You, however, were engaging and I listened for the first time. I was so moved I cried into the tablecloth.
  • Your passion for life and ability to see better than the most visual person has made me ask myself what am I missing.
  • Your joy in the middle of challenge has challenged me if you can I can.
  • The hope you walk in is contagious. I want to model my life after yours.
  • Your book Stuck or Positioned has given me a new outlook on life.
  • You were my favorite of all the TEDx speakers.
  • Gail was a breath of fresh air.
  • Best speaker ever!!!
  • WONDERFUL speaker… we were entertained while learning at the same time.  Get her again!
  • She is simply amazing! I have heard her 3 times now and she never gets old. So inspiring!
  • Loved Gail…what a wonderful privilege to get to hear her story.  She was a great motivator…I left determined to look beyond the horizon and be positioned not stuck!
  • Your presentation to our school district placed us on the same page to see none of us were stuck, but positioned to groom the next generation. Thank you sincerely. -Meade County Superintendent
  • Before you came I was dreading this new school year.
  • Gail made me laugh one moment and cry the next. And soon I realized by heart was changing.
  • A month ago I had the pleasure of listening to Gail McWilliams speak.  I was enthralled.  It was not just the subject matter – which she presented flawlessly – but it was her presence and her professionalism that captured my attention.
  • Gail McWilliams’ book Seeing Beyond is a page turner. When I read it, I knew that I wanted her to speak in my church. For the past few years I have interviewed on a Sunday morning people whose story is inspirational about faith in the Lord. I’ve had a Palestinian sniper who’s become a Christian, a mafia boss, and various other people with thrilling stories. But I have to say that Gail McWilliams is by far the most inspirational person I’ve had on the platform and the one who made the biggest impact. Her laughter is contagious. And her faith is just as contagious. My highest recommendation. -Dr. Mike Ladra, Senior Pastor