Have you ever had a great idea or dream but fear won’t let you try to live it? Within you is greatness, the potential of which has barely been tapped.

Dreams, vision and plans have a sense of urgency when you imagine your strategic time in history and the value of each day. Unfortunately, if you have ever tried and failed you are tempted to reconsider the risk of trying again.

Fear screams, “Don’t do it.” In contrast, hope cheers and shouts, “This is your day! You can do this.”

Some only see their past failures and decide not to try again because they want to live safe. Fear has kept you captive too long and it is time to hope again.

Each new day fresh opportunity comes—wrapped in Hope—so stop worrying about what others think about you.

Take a long look at the toll fear has taken in your life. Aren’t you weary of the fearful thoughts that occupy your mind? Do you see how they siphon off energy and divert your focus? What are you waiting for? Exchange the torment of fear with expectant hope and remind yourself that nothing is unconquerable.

Choose to live with hope that sees beyond your present predicament. Hope is waiting to run with you and soar.

Hey! Is there anyone in your life that needs a gift of hope, too? Hope is perfect for any occasion, position, age, or season.

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~ Gail