Author, speaker, and national radio host, Gail McWilliams, loves to share her life-message to inspire young leaders to “look beyond the horizon where the sky’s the limit.” A university audience is of special interest to Gail as she enjoys pouring into the next generation while challenging the leaders of tomorrow with authenticity, humor, and passion. Gail has the uncanny ability to speak to the hearts of her listeners. Gail’s goal is to empower young people and leave them with a renewed sense of hope and vision. She partners with universities and colleges and customizes her message to complement their vision and objectives.

    • Gail’s passion for life is contagious
    • Gail energizes the audience with a fresh perspective
    • Gail is relevant and connects well with all ages from diverse backgrounds

Benefits you receive when booking Gail:

  • Experience inspiration to dream bigger
  • Discover a keen sense of purpose
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles
  • Receive motivation to create new ideas and act upon them
  • Experience an unforgettable event filled with humor and challenge

Gail’s desire is to be effective. She believes it is essential for young leaders to succeed in their future endeavors through the motivation and encouragement they need to maximize every opportunity.




See what other educational leaders say about Gail

“Our staff was tremendously encouraged and very impressed… Her message is clear, profound and so understandable… I was personally encouraged…”
Zig Ziglar
“”We really enjoyed Gail’s engagement with our students.  It was very effective and she hit the nail right on the head.””
Dr. Everett Piper, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
“Having Mrs. McWilliams share her story and nuggets of wisdom is truly priceless.”
Deb Warner, Eta Iota Sigma Sorority Conference Coordinator, Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University



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