Real Men
Against the Odds
Willing to Go the Distance

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Listen to the stories of a group of twenty men from across the nation as they provide Gail McWilliams with incredibly R.A.W. interviews.

Highlighted interviews include:

  • Leadership
  • Power of the Spoken Blessing
  • Preoccupied Dads
  • Catastrophe and war casualty
  • Incurable diagnosis
  • Abandoned sons
  • Addiction and divorce
  • Adoption and infertility
  • Wounded Relationships
  • Family After Suicide
  • Disability
  • Immigrant Father
  • Miscarriage
  • Twins

You will benefit from

  • Candid Talk
  • Insights
  • Personal Prayer For You.

Beyond you, who do you know that could benefit from some courageous men who dared to be R.A.W. as they open their heart to share, encourage and pray for other men? Once you register using the form above you will have access to interviews made available. During the month of June one per day will be released in honor of Father’s Day. Stay connected. There are more RAW interviews to come.