A Note from Gail McWilliams…

It has been my absolute joy to participate across the nation as a keynote speaker for life at nearly 100 events in thirty-seven states. Only God could turn our darkest hour into a bright light to help motivate others about the value of life. As you well know, the day the doctor said I had to choose between the baby I carried and my eyesight, I chose my baby. It was in my darkest hour that vision was birthed and the cost of life extravagant. I have gradually lost my eyesight having our five children who the doctor said was impossible. Though my sight may be impaired, my vision is keen, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I am often asked, “Why have children?” I have searched to find the core of their question. I believe what I am really being asked is, “How did you choose between convenience and legacy?” Legacy wins hands down. We must have a vision for generations yet to come.

I love people and my passion is leaders. My life is dedicated to help them see they have value and purpose. I believe that each is strategically positioned for this hour. However, most fail to see the potential of their own life and overlook opportunities. Many simply exist and merely survive but fail to engage in living. Many feel stuck. If only they could see life with a new perspective. It is for this reason, at each event; I take time to personally encourage each audience that they were born on purpose with purpose for a purpose. I remind them, “You are not stuck, but positioned.” This is our finest hour and the sky is the limit.

I want to give back to people while helping organizations do more with expanded resources. I invite you to join me in this double gift campaign—“Buy 1 and Give 10.” In our joint efforts, we can accomplish more. Who else do you know that is in need of some encouragement? “Stuck or Positioned…It’s your Choice” is the selected tool and resource to be the expanded gift as we both give towards a cause greater than ourselves. If you are a corporate leader; business owner; pastor; or leader of any kind, follow the lead of other corporations who are providing the new book to all of their people and staff. What could be accomplished if we make the effort?

I am excited to have a means to give to people and organizations who have touched my heart. May we all see great things come as a result of our team efforts. I am confident…”When you chose to look past the horizon, the sky’s the limit.”

Thank you sincerely.