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Have you ever felt stuck?

Finally! The message I have been speaking on for the last few years is captured in my new book to be released, August 1st.  It is called, “Stuck or Positioned…It’s Your Choice.” If ever a message has resonated with people, it is this one. The hardback book is filled with multiple stories, beyond my own, and designed to help others see life with a new perspective. It is the book people most ask for at my book table when I speak across the nation. Some corporations already want to purchase them when released. I am eager for you to get one too.

Would you be willing to help me?

We made a hard decision when faced with “the cents and the sense” concerning the production choice. In the traditional way we would lose all rights to the book and make a minimum amount of returned revenue to help fund the ministry. The other way was to contract a literary agent; keep the rights to the book content; see more revenue per sale to increase ministry income and help produce more resources through the ministry. We will continue to seek national distribution through our own company, “Generations Global Press.” After counsel with some of the top acquisition agents in the literary industry, the answer was clear which direction would be the best for us in this season. Publishing companies are not what they once were in past years.  Due to our exposure of previous books and a growing web presence, we are positioned in a sweet spot. We believe it is important to keep all rights to the book.

Would you be willing to partner with us as we go to press?

Taking this route means sizeable upfront costs. In order to complete the printing, we humbly ask for your prayers and help to take care of the initial production costs. In addition, our signature book, “Seeing Beyond” is to be revised and in hard back with a release date of September. Amazingly, it is still a great seller and in the top one half percent of books sold in America.

Our total summer production costs are $32,000 for ten thousand books. For every dollar given, it has the potential of making five times more for the ministry, over time. Your gift would be an investment in the future revenue of Generations Global and will impact lives across the nation.  Will you partner with us?

32 people with a generous donation of $1,000 , or more, will complete the task quickly. We go to press soon.

Here are some updates:

  • I spoke at 100  engagements with nearly 300 days on the road last year.
  • the end of July we are to update our McFamily DVD with an award film producer from NYC.
  • A large magazine from Australia has contacted me for a feature article with distribution around the globe.
  • I have been asked to do a T.E.D. Talk in Monterey, California in the fall.
  • More corporation engagements have been added to my diverse engagements.

Thank you for your love for us and the work we do.