Hope Sees – Back Cover

When the white noise of your fears and anxieties tries to drown out hope, hope softly whispers, “Don’t give up!” There is no road or path you travel where hope does not reach to steady you. Hope can seem risky business when you feel disenchanted, especially when life seems blurred by tears. Hope is an anchor of the soul, an essential life partner that enables you to ride out storms and make adjustments when rising tides threaten to throw you off course. Hope hoists its sails in the midst of turbulent winds. It helps you safely navigate the open sea of possibilities. Hope always sees a better way. Hope is the wide-angle lens through which you can clearly refocus to once again see the Big Picture when life’s urgencies and emergencies have blindsided you. Hope will never abandon you. It has the uncanny ability to appear in the most hopeless moment. Hope is much more than a wishful thought or dream. Join Gail McWilliams as she shows you how hope sees beyond obstacles, challenges, and disappointments.

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Introduction: Hope
Hope is essential to living an exceptional life on every level

Hope is one of my favorite topics. In my daily life, hope sees around obstacles and challenges. Hope sees beyond my foggy thoughts and powerfully penetrates the anguish of any devastating news that comes my way. Hope is the wide-angle lens through which I can clearly re-focus to once again see the Big Picture when life’s urgencies and emergencies have blindsided me. Hope is visionary and sees beyond the crises of my life. Hope sees the best in every situation I face. Hope is a floodlight and shows a way for my dreams to be rescued and offers a way for my heart and soul to escape offense. Hope always sees a better way. Hope lays out an alternate course when I have lost mine. Hope sees the beginning and the end, and loves to confront the mess in the middle. When life obscures your view like a fence that stands at eye level, hope gives you a boost and places you on your tiptoes only to discover there is more!”

Hope has been defined as the anchor of the soul. This silent life partner enables us to ride out the storms of life and make quick, calculated adjustments when the rising tides of change threaten to throw us off course. Hope is not dependent on logic or facts, but skillfully hoists its sails in the midst of threatening winds that surround us, helping us to safely navigate the open sea of possibilities where the sky’s the limit. Hope freely calls to each of us but it can be drowned out by the cares and worries of life.

Hope is especially resilient when coupled with faith. Hope changes the first three letters of dis-appointment to His-appointment, reminding you to look up. In fact, this dynamic duo lifts you from the sinkholes of life to a mountain top view of all that lies at your disposal. Hope enlarges your perspective by lighting a candle in your darkest hour. Hope keeps on singing when you thought you lost the tune. Hope remains when all have walked out of your life. Hope lives on when you think you cannot continue. Hope resides deep in the heart causing you to get back up when you’ve been knocked down. When you are plagued with doubts about your own abilities and strengths, hope encourages you by cheerfully reminding, “You can do this!”

Let me propose to you that hope is actually quite substantial in nature and pulsates with possibility. Hope is the mortar that holds together the building stones of your life message. Hope has infinite value when consistently attached to your deepest desires and grandest visions. Hope is the original renewable resource! Hope continually and perpetually makes itself available to all who choose it.

Hope bids us to mount up confidently on life’s balance beam where it provides abilities to juggle the realities of good and bad news. The temptation to marginalize its worth or patronize its purpose must be resisted.

Hope longs to be your best friend. Hope is tenacious, deliberate, and constant. Hope never gives up. Hope is eternal. Hope has companions that help lift your spirit and give purpose to your life. Hope is available to all no matter their age, education or career field. Hope helps you smile through a blur of tears. Hope instinctually sorts through the debris of your failures and hands you tools and resources to rebuild your dreams. Hope has an infinite capacity to renew, restore and redeem all situations.

Hope gives you the first glimpse of your true potential in each situation. When you walk through the door with your outlook clothed in hope, the very atmosphere in a room will change. And, your changed attitude is all the catalyst you’ll need to connect to a change in your circumstance. Hope is the perfect vehicle to drive your God-given creativity, skills and vision to your desired destination.

Perhaps life has hardened your sensibilities to the point of making you a true skeptic. It’s no wonder. Leaders throughout history have succumbed to the temptation of manipulating the masses by instilling within their hearts the notion of hope for political expediency or sheer popularity. But campaign slogans and buzz words are easily exposed as mere imposters of hope. If, in the past, you put your hope in the wrong person or business scheme, don’t let that bad experience rob you of exploring this vital dynamic of hope.

I believe hope is essential to living an exceptional life on every level—personally, relationally, professionally and spiritually. Hope is the stepping-stone to the positive changes we long for. But, I might ask, change from what? Is it really our circumstances that need changing or is it our mindset? What if you could find hope in the midst of the current circumstance that threatens to discourage and deflate you?

In all these ways, hope can easily eclipse both wishful thinking and wistful daydreaming.

So, take my hand and walk with me as, together, we imagine all of what hope sees.

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