I talk often about my friendship and deep respect for my friend, Zig Ziglar. However, it is time to talk about the one he calls, “The Red Head.” Jean Ziglar is one class act and sweet friend who is the wind beneath her husband’s feet and his prized treasure. Jean is one of the kindest women I know ,and her love for her husband, family, friends and Lord is solid.

Zig laughs as he tells his business deal with Jean’s hairdresser. He said, “I will keep you in the green as long as you keep my wife in the red.” Jean’s beauty and grace far exceed most women.  Her poise, kindness and love and her easy laugh and smiling eyes make anyone’s day brighter. I had the joy of introducing my parents to the Ziglar’s several years ago, and they soon became great friends.  Jean and mom are like sisters, and the four of them have shared great times of laughter and fellowship.

There is one other special woman who has been at Mr. Ziglar’s side for decades, and that is his executive assistant, Laurie Majors. She has personally cheered me on since the first day I picked up my pen to write my first book. Laurie is a woman of excellence and filled with encouragement. We became friends the first time I spoke for the Ziglar Corporation, and I still email her with questions and for added insights. I understand Laurie was mentored and trained to be Zig’s assistant years ago, and I cannot imagine the training she has received by just keeping up with the Ziglar’s fast and busy life. Her servant’s heart and loving ways always exude honor. She too is perfect for all situations and always knows the right thing to say. Her faith is authentic, and she is always willing to pray for you.

Ladies of excellence and grace, I am honored to know you both and call you my dear McFriends. Your lives have impacted mine. You model one of Zig’s all-time insights: “When you help others get what they want, you can have whatever you want.”

Jean and Laurie, thank you for your example of faith, loyalty, diligence and love. Proverbs 31:25-26 says it best. “Strength and honor are her clothing. She shall rejoice in time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness.”  May your days be sweet and the kindness you have shown come back to you in showers of blessings.

When you choose to look past the horizon… the sky is the limit!