Inspiring message about life, Key to success, laughter is the best medicineHave you ever met a genuinely funny guy? There is none other but my dear McFriend, Ken Davis!

My husband and I were asked to speak at a conference in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. We had received permission to bring our youngest children, Lydia and Connor. They were young teens at the time and looking forward to the scenery but not especially the three day conference. Traveling with our family over the years has often involved working trips and packing some dressy outfits along with our vacation attire—much to our children’s disappointment.  Often, it has been the only way to take them to great places, especially with schedules overbooked and busy lives.

Such was the trip at the end of summer break.

The opening night was chosen for a comedian. Some in the organization thought it to be a bit strange since it was a church conference, but I on the other hand, was excited for the change of pace. I thought it was an excellent way to begin any conference since laughter breaks down barriers and walls that keep people from opening their hearts. Life can be fun, especially through Ken’s eyes. The conference choice was a bulls-eye and I have never enjoyed myself more.

On the way to the meeting I informed the children that our seats were reserved on the front row. Lydia quickly told her brother, “Connor! You must smile even if the guy is not funny. People will be watching us.” Connor listened but said nothing but a sigh.

When Ken Davis started speaking, the night shifted into high gear with more needed oxygen in the room to breathe as we laughed non-stop. I looked over to our children who had predetermined to have a courtesy smile on their faces and they were bent over laughing so hard I thought they might fall out of their seats. What a funny man for all ages and occasions!

Later, we all had a private dinner at our mutual friend’s house in the mountains. Again, the table filled with roars of laughter. Even in casual conversation, Ken sent our Lydia away from the table as she began to laugh so hard that she could not get herself back together. Ken’s wife, Diane was the only one calm and collected at the table. New friends spit water from their glasses and choked on food as we tried to finish our meal before midnight. What fun.

Ken has been a great friend and his Communication Summit is one of the best I have ever attended, if you are seriously looking to go to the next level. He is the real deal, on and off the stage.  His heart, stories and view of life makes me grin as I write. We enjoy each other, because he told me my application to his summit was one where he laughed all the way through it while sitting on the plane. It just came naturally and some just bring out the best in you. I love you, Ken Davis. How did you get a call from Women on Faith before I did? Congrats on your newest release. Thanks for keeping us laughing. The world needs you—and so do I!

When was the last time you laughed with friends?

Make plans to add some laughter to your next event, even if it is your own family dinner table. Laughter massages the liver and a belly laugh surely consumes some calories.

When you choose to look past the horizon… the sky is the limit!