A few years ago, Tony and I had the joy of hosting a Senator and his family in Texas. We all were invited to the Governor’s prayer rally event held in Houston at the Reliant Stadium. We also brought our son, Connor, who was15 at the time. It was an incredible event. We had VIP passes and were invited to sit in the section of speakers and dignitaries. While one of the sessions was going on, I had leaned forward to talk with the Senator’s wife who had one of her children on her lap who was ill. As we talked about what arrangements needed to be made before the Governor’s dinner that evening, we were interrupted by a woman.

“Would you ladies pray for me?” came her request. I stood to ask her name and her need. She said, “My name is Shannon Grove and I am a State Representative from California.” I immediately took her hand and began to pray. I went on to encourage her that she was positioned for this hour and to seize the opportunities in front of her. She thanked me and then went to find her seat.

During one of the breaks of the prayer event, I desired to go to the restroom and asked my husband to find a woman he thought might escort me. He brought back the same woman I had been talking to earlier. When she detected I could not see, she offered her arm and suggested we walk together. On the way, I said, “Tell me more about what you do.”

Shannon told me some of her responsibilities and then added, “I am not a very good Legislator.” I stopped dead in my tracks and said, “What?”

The Legislator restated that she was not the best of legislators and was still learning how to write laws. I suddenly turned to her as we stood in the middle of the aisle, “I don’t want to ever hear you talk like that again! You have been given this position and time in history. You are a fantastic legislator.” Without any warning, I took her arm and began to walk with her quickly as she got in stride with my determined pace. She was shocked when I stopped suddenly again and asked, “Now! Who are you again?” She said with confidence, “I am Shannon Grove, a fantastic California Legislator.”  I affirmed her answer with a big smile, and we proceeded to walk on like new best friends. We still keep in touch, and she is one of my favorite spitfire legislators with the biggest heart.

How often we forget who we really are and the strategic position we have been given in life. Anyone could have your position—but they don’t. It is you. Don’t forget who you are.

 As you dare to impact your generation for good, you are perfect for the job.

When you choose to look past the horizon… the sky is the limit!