Recently, I remembered my Texas I.D. was expired. I was scheduled to fly out of Dallas in a few days to speak in Wisconsin and I would need it for the airport security.  Everyone knows the lines are generally long anywhere in the Big D when it involves doing anything at the Driver’s License Bureau. However, I had a great idea. I asked my husband to take me to Sherman, a small town north living life on purposeof Dallas. I guessed my chances of getting in and out in record time would be worth the 40-minute time to travel there. I was right—there were only five in line when I arrived at the small facility.

As I stood in line, I made friends around me. Finally, it was my turn to stand before the grim-faced state agent.

“Hello. My name is Gail McWilliams. I lost my eyesight and need to get my Texas ID renewed,” was my cheery opener. I went on to apologize saying, “I know my ID has been expired for some time.”

She looked down at the date and then at me and said, “How do you even know it is expired, if you can’t see?”

I quickly replied, “Oh! Well, the other day, when the cops pulled me over” was all I could get out of my mouth before she laughed big and hard, along with the rest of my new friends in line behind me.

I suddenly felt a boldness come over me to ask the unthinkable. “Ma’am, while I am here, could I just go on and get my driver’s license today.”

Shocked at my request, she stepped back. She looked at me and said, “Didn’t you just tell me you cannot see.”

“Yes. It is true. But look at my address,” I answered, as I pointed to my old I.D. “You obviously gave others in Dallas their driver’s license, and they can’t see to drive either.” One more wave of laughter went throughout the building as they validated that Dallas drivers are crazy.

living life on purposeLiving life on purpose with joy as your core is more fun than most could ever see. What makes the difference I wonder? Is your focus to simply get a task completed today—or make someone’s day?