DynaMAXXLast Saturday I had the joy of being a keynote speaker for a company called, “DYNA-MAXX.”  Their enthusiasm for life and its potential was contagious.  The audience of several hundred laughed, cried , applauded and determined to take it to the next level.  Afterwards, talking with many at my book table enriched my own journey as they responded favorably to my message and their theme, “Believe to Achieve.”

Everyone has a belief system of some kind. Your belief system will either launch you or hold you back.

Our son is reading a book for one of his classes at school titled, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.” I love that title. Believing the negative usually is easier for people than believing the positive. Believing in God could be a threat because you would, by necessity, have to deal with His wise counsel and design of your life. I find this belief to be the most liberating. Knowing I am not doing life alone but there is one who has a plan and purpose only strengthens my belief that I am a daughter on assignment, impacting my generation with His purposes.

Think about it…His reach is greater  than your own and His view of life is eternal.   Plus, no matter what you may believe, He has promised He will never leave or forsake you—no matter your unbelief. Just because we believe something does not make it true

His desires are about maximizing your skills, gifts and potential. I love Psalms 20:4. “May He grant you according to your heart’s desires and fulfill all your purpose.” Desires and purpose coupled together with a belief in a God who has never changed, is a braided cord that cannot be broken. It sounds better to me than merely living by a thread or coming unraveled by every bump in the road of life.

When I gradually lost my eyesight having our children the doctors said we would never have, I felt I had become devalued. I could not perform at my maximum and for sure I was not living the life I had dreamed. I now see the great importance of my life and how I am used to encourage a blinded world. They grope for answers and stumble to find their way as they run into walls and blockades. Living life based on what you see will always be disappointing and discouraging. However, what if you believed there was more and lived on purpose? Minimal living verses maximizing each moment and opportunity are clear choices to me. I want to live life full. I believe I can. what do you believe about you?

Take time to believe in yourself. You have great value. You have been given this moment and time in history, what will you do. Go ahead and course correct your belief system to see beyond any obstacles or challenges. Dream big because all of heaven is dreaming big for you.

As I’m thinking about the motto of DynaMaxx, “Live life to the MAXX” , I realize a new truth… I am a DynoMac!


When you choose to look past the horizon… the sky is the limit!